A plan

So. As the probable date of kickstarter approaches I decide to throw the plan for phase 2 on google docs, in case anyone's interested. It's mostly an internal document so I know what I'm planning and can cross stuff off as I go. A similar one was made many weeks ago, back in late January, and most of the features made it into this one (letters from other Lords was the main feature which didn't make it). As such, I feel a decent degree of confidence that this plan is plausible and realistic.

Plan is here:



shadowsV9Fix5.zip 19 MB
May 07, 2017

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Excellent to see that you've got a solid plan in mind. All too many projects fall victim to an excess of ambition and an insufficient plan to accomplish it all (and not only inexperienced indie devs - just look at the Broken Age fiasco). In any case, I look forward to Shadows! May it have a bright (heh) future!