Version 20

Version 20, the first release of the "new style" Shadows Behind the Thrones, is finally playable. It's almost a complete rework, revisiting nearly every feature, and introducing agent-enthralled on the map screen. Sadly this means many powers and mechanisms are currently absent, but the foundation for their return has been included into the underlying game architecture.

Unfortunately for the project, I am likely to be far more busy in the future than I was during the previous months. I've been developing the game in my free time, but now have other concerns to focus on, revolving around my academic work (Self-Additive Artificial Intelligence). What this means for you is that releases will probably be far slower to arrive, sadly. I will probably update it from time to time, but will try to respond to messages, but cannot make any guarantees.

As always, I offer the option to anyone interested in forking the project to contact me, and we can discuss transferring its assets, so the game can continue to progress and grow. I still believe it's a good game idea, and has huge potential for expansion, and would love to see someone else take the project in their own direction and bring their own ideas to the game. Of course, I understand this is a reasonably unlikely prospect, I just want to ensure that if there is such a person out there that they know the option is available.

In any case, it's been great developing this thing so far, I've been consistently surprised at how supportive the people who've messaged me have been, and am glad that people had some fun with my work.

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Nov 06, 2017
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Nov 07, 2017

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Hey bobbytwo hands its me again apologies about not getting back to you the first time we messaged eachother (which was 123 days ago... my bad) college got in the way of that lol. But anyways since you've offered up the idea of forking the project again id like to take you up on your offer this time. I'll send you a private message as well so we can discuss details further :)

Edit 1: So apparently icth doesn't have a pm system. Ill tweet a pm to you instead.

Don't worry, I'm well aware of university-related disorganisation. I think on my end I said I was going to include the source code in the release builds but then never did, because I was using third-party stuff I wasn't allowed to distribute, but I've now removed those parts of the code, so can actually make good on that promise.

Hit me up on to discuss further, e-mail's a bit easier to work with than twitter messages or comment fields.

sounds like a plan

I E-mailed you. Not sure if you got it, that E-mail address is behaving oddly, apparently.

yup I received  a few days ago I was just swamped with some projects this week apologies  about but you should have response in you're mailbox when you read this  :D

It's sad you don't have time to continue to work on it :(

It's a shame, yes, but such is life. I'm probably not going to completely stop work, but the work will go slower than it would have before.