An unfinished version

So I've released an unfinished build of the new version. Big changes across the board from previous versions, it's actually a new project which just imports large parts of the old one. As a result, each gameplay feature is being checked, in light of lessons learnt from previous versions, to see if it can be improved or streamlined. In theory, the game should be far better for these changes, but for now this means that most of the previous gameplay is absent, pending re-addition.

For now, the game features just one agent. Agents are your world-map enthralled. Unlike noble enthralled, they have no city, and wander the map doing evil on your behalf. The basic gameplay is "Enthralled Agent turns up in nation, does evil deeds, leaves evidence on ground, investigators find evidence, nobles send the army to arrest the agent, agent escapes to neighbouring nation, begins new evil deeds". You're essentially on a timer, as your evidence gets discovered, so you gotta do what you came to do, then run before the cops show up. 

The agent available is the plague doctor. Their gameplay is to cause civil wars, exploit existing wars, or to antagonise the tribal nations, to create as many dead as possible. (Use the '2' key to switch to map-view for dead). They then steal these dead, and dump them on corpseroot patches they build. Eventually you'll have enough dead on enough corpseroot patches to suddenly raise them all (Tide of Death ability), to destroy the kingdoms of men. The agent's gameplay is one of preparation and subtle building-up of power, then a sudden switch to an end-of-all-life crusade against the living. I was hoping for a glorious final battle between good and evil, which the whole game builds towards.

The agent has a few powers to help things along, from the ability to eat the dead for power, to sabotaging defences and armies. Locations also can have their own powers. For now, those are just tribal gathering places and cities, but in the future far more locations will have far more powers, which any agent could exploit.

Anyway, I'm releasing this version in case anyone wants to try it and give feedback. For now it's not a full game, but there's enough to check over and see if I'm doing anything obviously wrong, or if there's anything obviously good which should be focused on. Give it a try, tell me what you think.

I'll post a bit more in a bit, about the full future of the game, when I've sorted out some stuff.

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Sep 27, 2017

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As it currently stands, the set up for the plague doctor seems a bit unbalanced when it comes to the collecting of bodies gaining suspicion without it eventually decaying. Though over time as it develops again I'm sure I"ll change my opinion.

Thanks for uploading this! The new version has some interesting ideas though it seems a bit buggy at the moment. I'm looking forward to your future developments.


Just wanted to add my two cents to the new version

The new agent system looks really promising, but a couple of new systems need explaining to get the most out of it. I'm guessing that the number under a city or a fort is its fortification, since that's what decreases when using sabotage, but I don't know exactly what fortifications means for an attacking army. Is it as if that number of troops was added to the stationed number, or is there a multiplier system in place? Why do tribal armies (only saying tribal because I haven't seen this for "civilized" troops) seem to stop after occupying one fort, even though the city one connection over has lesser troops and has been put down to 2 fortification? 

Also, imho, the zeitgast system doesn't gel well with agents at all in the current system. I can absolutely see it being a great system for noble enthralled, but when there aren't any wars going on and no sufficiently weak targets to steer some angry tribals at, the game devolves to having three plague doctors setting up shop in different societies, passing one turn at a time while checking for new zeitgasts to slowly inch influential characters towards militaristic expansion.

This very well might be me blanking on something obvious I should be taking advantage of, or just things that haven't been added (I do understand it's an unfinished build) but that's things how I currently see them. It's great to see how you're coming along.

Hi! I downloaded the game and I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. I'm glad you dumped hex-based movement in favor of this node-based one. (I can see AI handling it a lot better.) Also having agents that travel opens up the game in a lot more engaging and active way than before. Keep it up!