V11 Release Notes

So, version 11 is now up.

Foremost is the Aspect of Undeath, a radically alternate game-mode in which normal mechanics are disabled, nor mechanics added, and the normal gameplay loop is changed to a considerable degree. Rather than aim to infiltrate from within, the aspect of undeath sows dissent and war in order to produce the bodies from which the armies of the dead will be created. It has no cities, no enthralled, no presence outside of unnatural plantlife and clouds of decay. As such, it doesn't need to avoid suspicion, and can profit from causing mass panic, as this can be manipulated to cause mass conflict.

Otherwise, there are a new set of actions available to enthralled in the normal game mode. Rank actions allow you to exploit your rank in society. You can subvert the normal mechanisms of feudalism to favour or defame certain lords underneath you, allowing them to win or lose elections, should your society have such things. Alternatively, you can expel or execute those who have discovered your enthralled's true nature, hopefully preventing the word from spreading too far.

Graphics-wise, armies now have strength indicators, so battlefields are a bit more easily understood from the map screen.


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Jun 13, 2017

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Bug Report: i tried to remove a Corpseheart but it didnt disapear

You're right, thanks. Fixed for the next version.

(Actually the Corpseheart WAS being removed, but it was being replaced with a new identical one instantly, due to a typo in my code.)

also the AI of the crawling death should be reworked it tends to get stuck in a loop of atacking 2 citys

Just in time. Added a fix to the new version which is out now.

(4 edits)

Bug Report: If you cast Raise Noble Army when you already have one around, the message box telling you that the old army is dissolved doesn't go away.  Saving and reloading does work.

Trip report comments: 

There is no way for lightbringers to actively fight an undead lord besides delay.  They pose no almost threat other than that they won't civil war as much.  Granted... delay CAN work, and in fact, did work on me (I forgot about the time limit)... but dying slower than I'd like seems less threatening than the lightbringers of the normal Dark Lord who can get rid of your thralls and purge shadow from the land.

Investigators are ONLY good news to the undead.  It just makes me say "Yay! More wars!"  Never "I hope they don't find me...".  There needs to be something for them to find that's scary to me.

Once you DO have enough corpses, there is no reason not to cast Necropolis on every city you destroy.  It's just a pain to have to do it every time.  Why not make this automatic if there's no reason to ever NOT do it? 

There should be a way to change a corpseheart back into a corpseroot, so that you can move your "front line".

I have an undead noble and a normal undead army that are in lockstep with each other, presumably since they share the same AI and will thus never separate.  Why not let the normal undead just join the noble?

What's the point of making a lord dislike their allies? This doesn't seem to cause actual civil wars or anything...

Popup bug: Fixed

I was thinking maybe allowing the kingdom of light, and only the kingdom of light itself, to activate a "Doom Clock". For every city they had it would tick up by one, and you'd lose on reaching full. That would mean that you could have a direct enemy, and anything you could do to remove even a single city from the kingdom of light is helpful. Would definitely cement them as the primary enemy. Should work in both game modes.

One solution could be to allow investigators to discover they were wrong, and that a given target isn't enthralled after all. Should be easy enough to implement the mechanics, but getting the UI to work could be trickier. Lots of different information can be carried by messengers, and it all needs to be easily spotted from the map view without selecting individual units.

That makes sense. Might change it so it's not a necropolis, if it's automatic, make it more natural-like, such as having the corpseweeds grow over the entire city. Would prefer to avoid it connecting to the corpseweed network, though, to make it a more distinct type of resource.

Deconverting corpsehearts can be added, no problem there.

I prefer keeping units separate, to make it more "undead hoard"-like, and less organised. I'll just add in a small random factor.

Dislike allies gains 25 dislike to everyone in their social circle. It might just be underpowered. All you need for a civil war is more military to be controlled by lords who dislike the societal leader than by those still loyal + the leader themselves.

As to your other message:

There actually IS an entourage ability which causes peasant uprisings. It works by making the peasant politics oppose the lord's, thus increasing unhappiness. Peasant politics is something I really want to get working, because it's neat and spreads from city to caravan to city and adds a global dynamic to the political landscape, but for now it's very invisible and few things work with it.