V13, and Discussion about Sequel

So, V13 is out. It's an attempt to work with the population politics system. Human populations have politics too, which spreads along trade routes or via militaries passing through cities. Its main effect is to change how much they like or dislike their lords and ladies, so this version introduces a theme of buildings for brewing rebellions, then manipulating them to your own ends.

Other than this, I was thinking about starting a sequel. This version is good, but certain decisions limit the game, as well as improve it. Mostly, the hex-based navigation system. This makes AI decisions considerably harder, as they can't plan strategically very well. It'd just be too much work for me to get a hex based strategic system to work. Instead, a topological setup, where the units move along pathways linking cities, would be superior in this respect. That would allow them to easily see how they can fortify certain points and cut off the large roads, preventing large armies coming their way (giving use to that "vote for defensive target" option). Hex based grid was chosen because it allows stuff like the fog, which spreads out without respecting roads. Both are valid approaches, with their own strengths, so exploring both in two separate projects could work.

Secondly, the focus. This version attempts to cover population species, city building, climate change, a whole host of gameplay mechanics. They seem to work together reasonably well, but it means that none of them are as detailed as I would like. This new project would revolve around plotting and intrigue, and be far more about deception, interpersonal relations and backroom politics. It would vastly increase the number of people involved in any city, with nobles having advisors, spymasters, spouses and courtiers, and require you to investigate these, to decide where to dedicate your limited intelligence gathering activities, as you attempt to find weaknesses in your target's circle of friends.

Alongside this it would also expand on the NPC's intelligence. Plots would leave evidence, which would then be investigated by NPCs. Each NPC would have a large body of knowledge, representing its suspicions and beliefs. They would have trust in others, which could well be misplaced, and beliefs about who commit certain plots, which might be incorrect. Rumour, gossip and baseless accusations could be therefore introduced, as they would need to decide who was trustworthy and who was not.

It could also introduce the concept of NPCs performing their own plots, which you yourself could then attempt to investigate. If you could piece together enough circumstantial evidence you might be able to guess who assassinated the king. You could then perform your own plot to break into their residence and search for physical evidence. Once obtained, this evidence could be used either to blackmail, to reveal to the general public, to reveal to only a select and trusted few, or possibly to be hidden, so you can falsely accuse others, safe in the knowledge that the real culprit will never be found, so you will never be shown to be a liar.

In principle, this second project would mostly take over my development time, but not necessarily all of it. Shadows 1 would occasionally receive updates, as it still has room to grow, and features to add. At the very least, I intend to continue to the end of the current design document, so a few more versions are upcoming. I'd also be open to discussing open-sourcing the project, if anyone else feels like forking it.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts, feel free to voice them.


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14 days ago

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i foudn a bug that made it that if a city in the peoples society rebels the rebels jsut act liek a regular army under the command of the peoples society

As someone who also knows unity and c# as well I would love to be able to poke around so to speak and see how you've codded some stuff since I've also been working on a strategy game side project. So +1 from me on the open source idea

I've realised there's an issue, in that I'm using the Unity package Graph Maker, and it's not open source, so you wouldn't be able to compile and run the code.

If you want, I can send the code (without Graph Maker) in an E-mail, or I'll just include it in the next released version. That said, bear in mind that this is literally my first Unity project, so it may not be the industry-recommended way of doing stuff.

I like the ideas that you have mentioned in the sequel, and I'll be looking forward to it.