Another Unfinished Version

So there were delays. I was aiming for a early October release of V20, but clearly that hasn't happened. Whole bunch of exciting real life stuff happened, which had to take precedence. Shame for the game, but what can you do?

The game continues to make progress, though, as I find time here and there to update it. This new version introduces the noble enthralled, and a new type of agent to assist them in their quest for political power and world enshadowment. It allows a combined-mode approach, which I was interested in, in which both types of enthralled act together towards a common goal. The noble enthralled is trying to form an empire of darkness, but is helped on the world map by their agents, who sabotage their opponents or assist them with obtaining dark power or financial capital.

Again, the game is completely unfinished, and is extremely unbalanced, and missing many assets, from text to images, but if you happen to want to give it a try, I'd be interested in your thoughts on it so far. Loads of neat additions from previous playable versions, such as politics being responsive, using the "Zeitgeist" system, where nations react to their changing circumstances, and the social activity system, whereby nobles invite one another to various activities. Enthralled can exploit these activities for all manner of dark purposes, from influencing their peers to sowing dissent and unrest, to spreading dark shadow to other lords to making peace with their former political opponents.

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Oct 21, 2017

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Unless it demands too much time and you prefer to wait for proper v20, could you build the unfinished version for Linux too please, as the previous versions supported Linux already ?



Version 20 should be released rather soon, so I'll wait till then to build the Linux version. It still doesn't have the ability to load files (both data and save/loading) in Linux, so it can't just be quickly compiled, there's still a bit of stuff to do.

I tried this new version and so I've got some questions, which will, I belive, help me to understand, what's going on on the screen. So:

1) What the tribes are?They've got their flag, but I dont't clearly understand what they are doing inside the game. Are they colonists of another empire or they are just barbarians, who'll robb you, if your war is going really bad. Will we have any diplomatic contacts?

2) I like new new communications between autoritates, now every kingdom is really filled with life and other events. But, actually, I've got a problem, so,please, could you tell me the ways  we loose and earn prestige?

3) When I tried it last time I saw, that every person has his own economic buffs from some materials/instruments/ and many others (e.g. wine). So another question is about them: can we change our production aims?

Also what features would you like to bring to your game? Will there be water resourses as well as special constructions ,ponies and other happy lightbringers stuff?

Actually, thank you for making this game better. Now I'm looking forward to next update! :)


Hey, sorry for the slow reply. As I feared, I have become very busy, and have almost no time to spend on this project at the moment.

1) Tribes are a first attempt at "Minor Factions". They were intended to be less complex than a full human society, but introduce an interesting new element to some parts of the map. For now, they don't do much at all, but your agents can cause them to attack the nearest human settlement if you can find a "tribal gathering point" settlement, and use its power.

2)Prestige is mostly earnt through activities. Host gains an amount determined by the cost of the activity, and everyone gains some based on the prestige of other guests (so it's valuable to be able to invite high-prestige nobles). You can then gain bonus prestige through a mask at an event, and one of the agents can affect noble prestige as well.

3)You can't change your city's production aims at the moment. I wanted it to be a way to force you to ally with certain others (those who share your industry) and oppose others.

If I get time, I want to definitely allow the player to build their own settlements. They'd own a city, but around it would have various dark buildings. This could include sea-based things, such as fishman cities.

Hi, could you send a screenshot or two of your game running ? I'd like to check if what i see is "normal", or if they are artifacts due to using WINE on Linux, instead of a proper Windows. OS.