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Version 12, somewhat still under testing, is now out.

Primary gameplay feature is a new aspect, which may be called new God, if I can think of names and pictures for them. It is based on an eary version of the game, where powers and ritual didn't exist, and instead you drew cards, and played them on your own enthralled and on opponent lords to bring about your desired aims. Didn't like it for flavour reasons, but if it's an additional game-mode it seems to work well. Far more random in what you're able to do, and will need balancing and additions to make it "fully complete", but it seems okay, from what I've tried.

Other major update is game start screen fleshed out. Now has difficulty levels and a set of toggle-able features, including both defeat conditions, in case you want to play in sandbox mode. Map sizes are also in, along with a small amount of map-type option-selection. None of these screens are in any way polished, and are ugly as sin, but they're functional, and can be improved in the next version.

Also features the much needed "dismiss this message and don't show again" button for alerts, so you can tell the game to stop spamming you with "gates closed vote failed" every six turns.

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Jun 28, 2017

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