Devlog: The Sea feels I should make a devlog so here it is:

Button art: I figured out how to use a 9-patch again and went nuts so every single button in the game is now festooned with needless frills and ornamentation.

Worms: If a devil worm eats a settlement (farm, city, other), they create a new nest. Nests support more worm units, allowing more settlements to be eaten. Worms are pretty passive normally, but you can lure them to locations with a building's ritual, allowing a neutral hostile army to do your dirty work for you. Ties into egg devils, for added synergy.

Diseases: You can now have diseases again, following their removal previously. Currently only plague and discord are available, and they're self targetted so your enthralled has to suffer the consequences of their actions. Gameplay-wise it's an ability to nuke an area of the map at the cost of an enthralled character's city.

Climate Change: Turns out to be real. Standing stones can chill or heat the entire planet again, re-introduced as they too were removed for being incredibly over powered. Still overpowered, most likely, but at least the world in general has some vague awareness that they should act, rather than just passively accepting their fate as previous.

The Sea: Actual islands, actual naval travel with a little boat icon. Does surprisingly little, gameplay-wise, but really rather pleasing to watch them sail around. Will introduce a bit more mechanics relating to them later.

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