Version 12: Halloween

Hot on the heels of the previous version, we got a new version ready for Halloween, because it seemed like fun.

This version revolves around The Headless Horseman. They are a timed challenge, in agent form. They begin a haunting for 50 turns, and during this time must convince nobles to turn on each other, using paranoia, politics, false evidence or whatever else you can think of. Each noble who is killed by being voted guilty by their fellow nobles (except your own enthralled and enshadowed allies) will cause a pumpkin to appear at their location. The horseman must collect these, and then survive till the end of the 50 turns. If you collect at least one, you claim the Pumpkin Victory.

It's probably very unbalanced, and the difficulty will vary wildly with starting conditions but is mostly just a fun thing we threw together. Who knows if it'll remain in the game past Halloween. Possibly as an optional thing, and the agent's mechanics could be transplanted to another one, who would integrate a bit better into the main flow of the game.

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Thanks for a random and cool seasonal update, also thank you for continuing to work on an innovative and awesome game.


Thanks, and you're welcome. It's mostly a fun hobby, but it's nice if other people enjoy the end result too.