V10 Bugfix

Smaller bugfix, as apparently I left the game in simple-only mode, and nobles couldn't be enthralled as a result. I left the features and changes I was working on, so this update is kinda version 10.1, instead of a straight bugfix (hopefully this won't cause yet more bugs, but we'll find out).

Changes of note:

-UI improvements. Society screen should be a tiny bit more readable, especially in heirarchy view, with nobles arranged to overlap less when zooming in, and have larger name boxes.

-Houses. Nobles now have last names, and societies will have various nobles of various houses. They are recognisable by sharing a background in their portrait. Doesn't do much, they just like each other a bit more. Work-in-progress feature, which we'll see if we can find a place for.

-Infiltration difficulty reduced a little bit, and vampires buffed.

-Automatic gameplay now possible. Tiny button in the bottom left, allows you to watch two AIs fight. It's just a debug feature, designed to rapidly test the AI's responses to agents. Hold CTRL to automatically end turn every second, ALT to end turn as fast as possible. Dark AI will spawn test agents which will try to infiltrate society. Their strategy is sub-par, but they occasionally make some headway into gaining a mostly-dark kingdom. Never seen them win, which may mean the game's difficulty is too high.

Version 11 should build off this, especially off AI responses to agents. Ideally their political response would be more complex, more interesting, and give the player more strategic decisions to make.


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91 days ago
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91 days ago

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Fantastic <3 keep up the good job


Awesome! Thanks for the bug fix!