Version 4: Authority

Version 4 is now out, in beta form. Full release and Linux version to follow in a couple of days, assuming no major bug reports come in.

By popular appeal, this version features the return to heirarchies. Nations which have two or more holdings in two or more provinces appoint dukes/duchesses to rule over these provinces. This creates a four tiered class system of aristocracy, going from unlanded (barely nobles at all) to counts/mayors/barons (only hold a single settlement) to dukes/duchesses (rule over entire provinces) to the sovreign (rules over the whole nation). Your character must progress up these ranks, as you need to be a count of a province to become its duke, and a duchess to become a queen.

The trait system has been expanded a bit to support this, with some characters being good/bad followers. These will aid or hinder the prestige of their superior (duke or queen). Get bad followers appointed to your rivals, and try to get good followers re-assigned to your own province, to out-compete your rival dukes and duchesses. Alteratively, sabotage your provincial ruler by getting your province to receive a number of bad followers, to the point where the duchy title is a liability (of course, when you take over, you'll take over a province filled with incompetent followers).

The Deep Ones are further improved, in this version. They deal in effects over time, and can slowly turn a coastal noble insane (good for removing rivals), and can slowly add shadow to an insane coastal noble, allowing you to infect nations you've not got an enthralled noble in. Good for adding to your world enshadowment, or causing civil wars as the others of that nation rise up against this new threat from within.

If this release goes well, the next version should be focusing on adding a new Name, and the re-introduction of some manner of organised defence against your actions, as the world realises what is happening.]

Enjoy, and stay safe in these dangerous times.

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Apr 01, 2020

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Woohoo! New update! Go Bobby! Thx alot!

Great to see that you have more time for the game. Cheers.

I think we all have more time right now, things being as they are in the world. Just trying to put my quarantine time to good use.