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Verry fun and interesting game, I am not realy sure how some mechanics work, would you be so kind and answer my questions?

1) Do other nobles then the one you enshadowed also spread shadow? and if they do, do they spread it at any % or only at 100%?

2) Do worms have a randon chance of spaning on baren land? I have notices that there was a new work "nation" where there previously was none

3) I didnt have much succes with the water or flesh attacks, but what happenes to the cities when they get conquered by those forces? Do they disapear forever? Will nations be able to recolonize them? And are nations able to colonize the empty pieaces of land( by empty I mean the ones conected by the network not just whatever hexagon is on the map )?

Thanks for your answer, if you do answer that is, otherwise I thank you for providing me with this new kind of entertainment.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoy it so far. In response to your questions:

1) Yes, nobles will spread shadow to all others in their society who have a lower prestige than they do. They can't spread more shadow than they have, so if they have 26% shadow they can't infect anyone else with more than 26% shadow.

2) Worms do, in this version, have a random chance to spawn. They're there to give a threat for the nobles to care about, in case that is useful for political stuff. They may be removed or changed in future versions, although we have no plans as of yet.

3) Flesh and Fish need time to grow their forces (and the Fishmen/Deep Ones need to gather forces from the human nations).  They'd need to have at least as much military strength as the nation they are attacking in order to stand a good enough chance to invade. Cities they take can be turned into 'Ruins', if they can't hold them (the worms do the same, if a human nation loses a war against the worms).

The humans are able to colonise ruins and some empty locations. For gameplay reasons, the human nations will only colonise certain regions, so the player can still build flesh colonies and so worms can spawn. The game is made so that if a single human city is placed at the start of the game they will colonise surrounding locations, then break apart due to political disagreements and form a continent-wide set of nations. Sadly they can't currently colonise across the sea, so if all humans on an island are killed there won't ever be any more.

Hope this clears things up

Dear Satan,

All I want for Christmas is a save/load feature.
That's all I want.

And a 'jump to Enthralled' button.
That's all I want.

And Abott/Abess spelt with a double 'B'
That's all I want.

Thank you very much.


P.S. I have been evil all year and I promise to be even more evil next year.

"All I want for Christmas is a save/load feature"

You have no idea how many times I've said this over the last month. I'll do a devlog real quick to update people about progress on this front.

So in my most recent game my strategy was to cause civil wars to weaken all of the human nations, and pick them off with the flesh one by one. I succeeded, and now the world is only inhabited by flesh and fishmen after the flesh ate all humans and worms. The game won't end since now that humanity is extinct I can't enshadow 75% of it. Am I supposed to be able to do that, and if I am then would that be considered a win, loss, or is it some kind of draw?


You're ahead of the game, in fact. It was fully intended to be a second victory condition (so the player could pick which one the wanted), but it's not yet implemented, and was intended to be added in the next major update.

For now, my congratulations, you can consider that a complete and glorious victory.

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Actually, I don't quite understand your attachment to wastelands idea with flesh and fishmen. That's stupid. I met the game week ago and after that I found Version 13. It is the best and you should return to it.

I am very fond of idea with enthralled noble making their way to create dark empire or make dark cult, or dark emperor cult and whatever, I think your early versions of the game are very close to that, the only problem was with that nobles actually couldn't do much and player(god) was the only force there.

So now even the vassal system was removed/wasn't added. What the reason? What the main idea of the game?

Sorry, my comment can be demotivating.

You would do well to look at the development log "A new beginning" - several of the issues you raise are addressed there.

I assure you, I'm not easily discouraged.

As mentioned in the devLog, the game still focuses primarly on the "dark empire" side of things, revolving around politics and suchlike. The ideal is for the systems in that approach to be sufficiently complex that you can remove half of them and play exclusively from the "outside", manipulating foreign empires without the enthralled being present in them. As such, any improvements to the Fishmen and Flesh side of the game will mean improvements to the "classic" form of the game, with the enthralled playing politics.

Nobles actually could do a lot more in some unreleased prototype versions of the game, they would have their own plots and objectives. It turns out that this was nearly impossible for a human to follow, due to the sheer combinatorial complexity of having every single noble taking complex actions. The game is designed to be very transparent about why a noble is doing, and what they are doing, to allow the player to be the main actor in the game, rather than needing a week plotting graphs and reading logs to understand how each and every noble is acting and what their motives are. It may return in a later version, possible as an optional additional feature, for people who think the main game is too simple.

You're correct that societies have changed, and are currently simpler. The reason was the most of the heirarchy was invisible most of the time (you never cared about the counts vassalised under a different Duchess), and therefore the player either was unaware of important characters, or that most of the characters would have to be irrelevant. With the new system, every noble is present in every decision and the player gets to know all of them. No-one is 'hidden'. If your enthralled exists in a society then they'll need to learn all that society's nobles, and interact with them throughout the game, or find ways to have them removed.

I really like some of the advantages of the heirarchy system, especially some gameplay which hasn't been explored in any version (such as pulling strings in court to get a useful noble added to your pool of vassals, or trying to get one of your loyal spies into a rival Duke's vassalage). As such, in future versions we intend to re-introduce unlanded titles, such as command over a province, or special roles, giving special actions, such as inquisitor or spymaster. This would give better progression to the game, as you would need to slowly progress your enthralled up the ranks, as you did previously.

great news! Hope you will write devlogs so I can quickly keep up with changes!

Is there any Let's Play video or something similar ? I can't find anything.

Not as of yet, sorry. We were planning on one, but time is hard to come by, and the save/load code is being an utter pain to work with, so progress is slow.

We? You mean you now have collaboration on the project? That is really neat!


I really loved some versions of the original, so I'm very excited for a sequel. Personally I felt that the later versions were weaker than the ones in the middle, but I can't remember why anymore. Guess I'll have to replay them to test. 

Really looking forward to how it'll evolve.


Yeah, I completely agree. The game really lost its way towards the later versions. I think V13 may be the best. I'll write up something about what I think the successes and the failures of the first game were, and how I hope we can get this new one to keep the good and avoid the mistakes



FUCK YEAH! \(^-^)/   ヽ(´▽`)ノ

PRAISE BE TO BobbyTwoHands ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ


I'm super pumped for this! SBTT1, incomplete as it was, was really fun. I'm going to give this a try as soon as soon as I get home.

Thanks man. Hope to get this version to fix all the issues the first one had, and polish it up into a complete package

Hi ! Could you release a PC Linux version please ?


Linux version up. Seems to work on my Mint laptop, except the tutorial isn't visible, for some absurd reason, presumably relating to Unity encodings. I'll fix it, but in the meantime I've added the tutorial images as just a folder alongside it.

It works, thanks !

Hell yeah, rock on Bobby!